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About Generations

Generations organization was formally known as  Luverne Senior Citizens.  In the past, our organization occupied an old 2 story building in Luverne, MN.  When this new building came up for sale, we thought it was the perfect opportunity for our group to purchase and start rebranding ourselves and our purpose.  We don't simply want to grow old or be known as the old folks building!  Our Mission is to promote quality of life for adult generations through services, education and programs.

We serve meals, play games, enjoy entertainment, and provide various programs to instill a better quality of life.  Our Annual Membership Dues are $20 for one year membership.  Please mail your dues to 105 South Estey Street, Luverne, MN 56156.  Please include your name, address, phone and email with your dues.  New members are always welcome!

Luverne Generations Events

With a little renovation, this new building gave us an additional opportunity serve others by renting out this AMAZING venue.  We named our venue Luverne Generations Events We welcome rental of our beautiful facility for events such as weddings, graduations, workshops/conferences, banquets, and more for ALL generations!  If you are interested in renting Luverne Generations Events, please call 507-920-3802.


Current Board Members:

Corrine Bonnema - President

Marian Schneekloth - Vice President

 Betty Mann 

Connie Frahm - Treasurer

Mary Gehrke - Secretary

Ken Vos

Greg Antoine

Marlene Wassenaar

Lynette Hoiland

Barb Bork

Terri Arends

Kim Schmidt

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